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Quality Control Procedure

 Target :
 Standardizing every production line in the factory to enhance efficiency and stability of the manufacturing
Scope :
 Everyone involved in the calibration, production and quality control process.
 Flow Chart:

IT advancement has made computerization of QC system
a trend, the use of computer for real-time data analysis to
respond to process capacity enables fullrange process
control and monitoring. Use of softwar for drawing and
control of charts, for instrument calibration cycle calcula-
tion, data analysis and sampling, together with the use of
high-precision testers and gauges to assure the perfection
of our quality system.

 From the acceptance of contract to output of final product, every single process will be implemented according to the
 standard procedure, including production line planning, adjustment, monitoring mechanism design and redundant
 inspection. Engineers who are in charge will monitor, adjust and improve the process accordingly.


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